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Professional Tree Reports in Wetherby & Yorkshire

Tree reports can be required when obtaining insurance cover or as part of a Mortgage Report during the house purchase process, These reports provide information to ensure trees within the area do not pose a risk to the property or neighbouring land.

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Tree Disease Reports

Urban trees can be affected by a multitude of diseases, pests and disorders. These range from pollution, bacteria and fungi to animals, viruses and insects.
The level of decay may be hidden and the tree may be a serious safety hazard and need removing

Trees are dynamic organisms subject to change to changing weather environments. You may require a tree inspection and a tree disease report.

Mortgage Tree Report

Your mortgage lender may ask you for a Home Buyers Mortgage Tree Report. This must be done by a professional arboriculturist such as BranchLines Tree Services.

Construction Surveys BS 5837

You must consider the impact of the proposed work on nearby trees. BS5837 sets out the information required by your local council planning

  • Appeals Advice
  • Arboricultural Method Statements
  • Tree Protection Plans
  • Pre-Purchase Surveys
  • Tree Constraint Plans
  • Arboricultural Impact Analysis
  • Planning Permission Advice
  • Management and Site Supervision

Tree Root Subsidence

Branchlines Tree Services have complete knowledge of all aspects of trees and the law (common law) can act as an Expert Legal Witness for Courts of Law and in Dispute Resolution and Mediation

  • Safe planting distances for trees
  • Root pruning recommendation
  • BS5837:2012 Trees in relation to construction
  • Soil type analysis
  • DNA root identification (if required)
  • Root barrier recommendations
  • Crown reductions
  • Climate change advice

Planning Consent and Appeals

We produce tree reports and surveys that will help you get your planning applications smoothly.
We produce reports to aid in planning appeals and reports for work required on Trees in Conservation Areas or Trees with a TPO (Tree Preservation Order).

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